***REVIEW-NEW AUTHOR*** Love in Carson Falls by Paisleigh Aumack

love in carson falls



Arianna Morgan:
She never thought life would beat her down. She never imagined the man she loved doing it either. Starting over in a small town was her only option. Once she arrived in Carson Falls, she realized her life never really began until the locals, one specifically, proved that there were things that can mend your spirit.

River Bradshaw:
He never thought the mother of his child would walk away. He also never thought she would end up dead. Living in a small town his whole life, he knew what his life’s meaning was, or so he thought. Once a stranger from out of town started teaching his daughter piano, she proved that life had much more in store for him.

This is a story about loss, love, and how music can teach us about ourselves.



We were approached by the PA from this author to see if we would want to read this book and I am very excited to check out new authors and support where I can. Reading the synopsis I was intrigued but not overly excited because I thought this would be the typical book that a lot of authors write. (And I am being completely honest because I wanted everyone to know how excited I am for this up and coming author!) This was NOTHING like I thought it would be and yes there were typically parts but put in this book with this authors writing was so SWOON worthy that I just fell HARD!

Arianna (Ari) went through HELL and I tell you that not to scare you but to prepare you for the type of environment this woman dealt with on a daily basis for YEARS! She was in a relationship where she was changed from the person she wanted to be, to a person who she didn’t recognize. Learning about Ari’s past and going through so incredibly tough life experiences I was broken along with her and felt like I bled when she was bleeding. I was so wrapped up in this woman’s life that by the end of her story I not only wanted to kill someone for her but I wanted to be a shield for her.

River was an unexpected character because he was life different than I imagined would be but so much better. He was thrown head first into a life he was excited to start with the wrong woman and that broke my heart. Every time I pictured him during a scene that involved him I was thrown off balance because he takes full charge of any situation and that scared me for Ari. Never did I suspect the turn of events to unfold like they did and so quickly.

I see AMAZING things coming from this author and I am so very grateful to have had the opportunity to read this book. When reading a book you underestimate some of the smaller rolls that get played by other characters but impact so fierce. I will forever remember this book, not only because River’s daughter was born on my wedding anniversary, but because of the passion that was put into writing a book like this one. It may have some difficult parts to read but power through those parts and read the full story because this is a book to celebrate!



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