**REVIEW** PUNCHED by Jacob Chance

Punched Ebook Cover



Reagan is the one who got away – or should I say the one I drove away? Now, four years later, she’s back to manage the gym where I train. Seeing her everyday is a distraction I can’t afford. I’m so close to achieving the big payoff I’ve been working for. Nothing’s going to keep me from winning this belt – not even her.



I have only ever read one other book that had MMA in the story and I wasn’t sure how I would like this book considering I know nothing about the sport, but to my surprise I FLOVED IT!! Towards the end I did feel like some things were left out and should have been addressed but knowing these characters and how things all played out I respected the way Jacob wrote their story.

In my head before I even read this book I pictured a certain man who would be my version of Noah (No-No) but once I started to read and understand his character all my ideas of the man he was flew out the door. The decisions he made, which flipped his career into motion, shocked me and even the people involved shocked the crap out of me but I could understand Noah’s insecurities that forced him to do what he did, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t still pissed at him. In the end, I honestly did not expect the Noah I thought he would because or the things that would play out over the expand of the book. I wouldn’t have been able to keep my hands to myself either…

Growing up with a father like Reagan’s, who wanted to pass his knowledge of fighting over to his son she was held with the task of becoming the tom-boy she was as a kid, but that didn’t keep her from becoming a beautiful woman who turns heads. One of the scenes I love the most is with an altercation with Noah and Reagan, which Oh LORDLY I laughed out loud so hard!! She became my instant favorite! I loved Reagan but I did not like her friend and it has everything to do with her big mouth! I hoped for a scene where Reagan would slap her or something but that was one of those things that just kind of got swept under the rug.

I loved the ending and swooned super hard for Noah but I was still so stuck on what happened between Noah and Reagan’s friend that I could not enjoy it as much as I wanted. I was confused as to why something wasn’t said to her or at least get a slap in or something… I did truly enjoy most of the book and would definitely recommend it to everyone (above the age of 18). Congrats on this release Jacob and I can’t wait to see what is next for you!!



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