Caution Rant Ahead


I am a READER and a blogger and I love it! I love going to book signing events and meeting authors (even though I am shyish and awkward) but I have noticed a trend in the reading community and I have to say I am not liking it one bit! I have noticed that readers demands of authors (indie or published) are insane. They are so bad I listed some examples below:

1) Messaging an author and expecting a prompt response. They are busy they have lives families, jobs and deadlines, they cannot jump on social media just because the ding notification beckons them. Would you rather they write your next obsession or answer your PM? The choice is pretty clear to me.

2) They are not machines so why do we expect them to write the next in the series RIGHT AWAY! all because you devoured it in 2 days, um no. AUTHORS ARE PEOPLE and they sometimes need to rest their brain, sometimes the characters aren’t talking to them, sometimes they want to enjoy a book themselves.

3) Getting mad because they do not send out your GIVEAWAY winnings the next day after you are declared the winner, this one pisses me off the most I think. SERIOUSLY people CHILL THE FUCK OUT! Maybe they have a day job and can’t make it to the post office until next week, maybe they have a stack of stuff they want to send out all at once. OR maybe they have a schedule that you are not privy to just because you internet stalk the crap out of them. Here’s a thought, if you win a gift card, don’t spend the money until you have the actual gift card or code in hand. IF you won a book, wait for the mailman like everyone else.

4) Disowning or no longer “reading their stuff” because they are not writing fast enough. This is just childish and stupid.

5) THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SO PAY ATTENTION! DO NOT EXPECT THE AUTHORS TO GIVE YOU THEIR WORK FOR FREE!!! For all that is holy just stop it! Please! These authors spend hours, ignoring their families, staring at computer screen to produce a book that will bring hours of enjoyment to many people. Would you work for hours on end for weeks and months for FREE? No you wouldn’t. If you cannot afford a book, go to the library, enter giveaways, sign up for ARCS, ask a friend to lend it you, whatever. Just don’t ask the author for free stuff. It pisses me off and I’m not even an author. It makes you look greedy. This includes PIRATING (or downloading a pirated copy) an authors work. It’s wrong and ILLEGAL so have some class and support the author and buy the books.

And last but not least:
6) BASHING AN AUTHOR because you feel you have been wronged in any of these instances. They are PEOPLE they have feelings so JUST DON’T DO IT!

So what I’m saying is RESPECT, SUPPORT and ENJOY what these talented PEOPLE give us.


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