**REVIEW** Break Me by Logan Chance

Break Me



You can’t help who you fall for.

Katy Vanderlin has a problem. A man who won’t leave her alone. Until he proposes to her in front of her company as a joke.
Wanting to make partner at her consulting firm, she sees an opportunity arise. Hire the man to be her fake fiance until after the holidays.
Extravagant parties, company get-together’s and it should be a shoo-in for her.

One problem, Pollux Clark.

Pollux is hired to be her fake fiance if he can not mess it up, she might possibly become partner.

If he can just keep his past hidden well, and his reasoning for being near her contained he may just make the pay out of his lifetime.

But for these two the fun is only beginning. Until one of them breaks. Who will be first?



Logan Chance has yet to disappoint and I loved this book in so many ways that surprised me. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to read this book and for personal reasons only did I think that, nothing to do with the book or author. But I just could not put it down! The opening chapter just shocked the crap out of me and blew me away that BAM, we open up to reading this happening right off the bat. I loved it though!

Just reading Katy’s reaction to what happened right off the bat had me already excited for her character and ready to see what was next for her. What I did not expect was all the mind blowing turn of events! SO CRAZY!!

Pollux was an interesting man I would have never guessed would be the man at the end of the book. I love a mystery to a man but Katy seemed to keep everything business-like, relatively throughout the book, even with her battle with herself.

Logan Chance has this way to write about characters that puts me in a frame of mind that I feel like I’m actually living what is being read throughout the book. I love that and so much more about this book but I absolutely need you to read this book to understand. The shock factor just had me covering my mouth for a good few chapters and I was speechless! Congrats on this book that will leave you speechless!!!



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