**REVIEW** A Little Fang Never Hurt Anybody (Monster Haven Book One) by JR Pearson (Releasing May 12th)

JR Book 1



May the Gods have mercy on your soul…

Werewolf Wild Child
Taco Enthusiast.
Drunk Table Dancing Expert.
Queen of Shitty Relationships.
Kokoa Lovell. (Pronounced as cocoa)

I’m a honest-to-goodness, denial wearing- f*ck-up.
My love life contains themes of extreme complication, washboard abs and mind-blowing romps in the sack. ‘Commitment’ is nowhere in my vocabulary, so I’m winning as well as losing in Cupid’s department.

Uninterrupted peaceful, cocktail drunken nights is all a girl like me ever wants.

It’s okay though. I swallow the crazy sh*t life is bringing in buckets because I really don’t want to deal with what’s important….

Like finally facing my scarier than split ends, great grandfather–the head honcho himself and why his decades long absence has come to an end in time for *my* birthday.

And wondering why I collected lust cards from *three* different guys.
The next few days I face is sure to be a cluster–f*ck of epic proportions.

During which, I will learn the following:

It’s cute to cuddle with a lion but dangerous when he’s keeping secrets…

Flirting and making hubba-hubba eyes to a vampire is just asking to get your neck chomped on.

And sending polaroid pictures of your ass to a dragon is all fun and games till he decides to kidnap you.

My solution: Eat a ton of birthday cake then run like hell.

Warning! Kokoa will lead you into situations resulted in her recklessness and burning need of not giving a crap of what others think! đŸ˜‰
☆Contains SEXUAL content and EXPLICIT language and dialogue.



This is my second read from this author and I was curious to see what she had in store for us. Just the synopsis alone had me pretty hyped up for what is the come from this new character. I really enjoyed reading about these characters and seeing where life took them, especially being a paranormal read anything could happen, but I was left hanging.

Kokoa seems to be this pretty awesome wolf and I love her best friends, even her somewhat annoying family members. Her uncle CRACKS me up!! But, I also have some hang ups about her because I think she could have been a little more decisive about some choices she could make. Don’t get me wrong and think that I disagree with the author and how she gave this character three male choices but I was just annoyed that some things didn’t happen.

Pearson gives her three male companions who are interested in Kokoa and they don’t shy away from how they feel. Gavin, Jonathan and Adrian are the men of her choice but Kokoa isn’t your typical wolf and she isn’t on the market to choose just one. Gavin seems intriguing and sexy as every, but I am bias to vampires. Jonathan made me angry a few times throughout the book with his man ways but that lion had my lady parts interested. Most of all Adrian, the beast of a dragon had me turned on more than the other two, but I didn’t see as much of him as I would have liked.

I was on the edge of my seat towards the end when a character helps Kokoa learn about herself and I was pretty excited. In all this was a great story to read but I did feel parts could have been expanded on and others shortened. It was a little more active than I am use to reading; such as different aspects to focus on (males choices and an unexpected ending). I also would have appreciated an epilogue just to give a preview if more is to come or ending this group of characters.



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