Teach Me, Daddy by Isabella Starling and Demi Donovan

teach me daddy


Daddy’s gonna teach her some manners.

There’s a reason why I have a reputation.
But if I do this, my past could go away.
I have to take little Cora’s virginity.
Spoil her from the good little girl into a naughty vixen that begs for Daddy so good.
I have to teach her to be a good slut, but only for me.
And then, I have to let her go, and never look back.


He’s my teacher.
I shouldn’t be attracted to him – he’s intent on humiliating me in class and making me kneel in private.
I should hate Maddox.
Should see him for the handsome, inked monster that he is.
But I can’t stay away. Can’t stop myself from begging…
Teach me, Daddy.

A full-length dark romance novel. Teacher/student theme. Standalone, no cliffhanger, no cheating. HEA guaranteed.

Amy W’s Review

I actually rate this at 3.75 because I felt that Maddox had more of his story to tell.
Cora was a sweet virgin goody, goody that grew into a beauty even though she did not realize it.
Maddox is hired to use and abuse her, then cut her loose. He never expected to fall for her.
The chemistry is there, the story is there but it needed more. I wanted there to be more intimate moments to show the relationship evolution but that was missing.

Maddox’s dirty mouth was huge plus.

There was sex and it was hot but I did not see dark. I saw erotic.

Overall an enjoyable read.

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