Review: Seeking Love (Loves of Deception Book 3) by Kay Lindy




Roxy Garrison and Blair Borrero were the golden couple of Portland, Oregon’s largest drug cartel. After becoming addicted to drugs, Roxy leaves Portland and vows to never return to her life with Blair.
Groomed for a life in the drug cartel, Blair knew his destiny. Love should have never been in the cards for him. Devastated by Roxy’s hasty departure the night he planned to propose marriage, Blair sets off to do the impossible and bring her back. As the only heir to his father’s drug cartel, simply walking away to follow his heart presents a major problem. Follow Blair as he fights for the only thing he’s ever truly wanted to fight for in his life – Roxy.

This book is intended to be read after reading, Following Love (Loves of Deception #2)



I read this book almost a week ago and wasn’t sure how to put my review into words. (My stomach is in knots right now rethinking about the book and everything that went down.) Kay Lindy has written some powerful words in previous books which only made my excitement for this book that much nerve wrecking. I read Following Love and just waited patiently while we waited to see the fate for Roxy’s destiny.

In Following Love you fall head over heals in love with Roxy and Blair, but in my head I was also in love with Jack. Blair is apart of the drug cartel and meets Roxy in a twist of fate bring them together. But after an incident back home Roxy leaves the life she has fallen into as a drug dealer and drug user to find something better for her life. Jack is Roxy’s childhood love and savior when she gets back to her hometown. My head and heart were torn with who I really believed Roxy should be with and I finally got my answer after reading Seeking Love. And to be honest, I was pissed.

Reading from Blair’s point of view was amazing because I really thought differently of him from book two to book three. I really didn’t think to highly of him at the start of Seeking Love and was unsure of how I would truly feel about reading from his point of view. But I know more about Blair and love him that much more. Jack, I actually started to get annoyed with during this book but my heart still loved him and just didn’t know what the future would hold for the three of them.

I am not sure I am giving you much about this book other than you MUST read Following Love before Seeking Love. I feel the need to tell you to prepare yourself, and know that this book does not follow any normal guidelines. I truly loved the writing style of this author and the way the book was put together but I do not agree with how she ended this book. I really struggled with the way I was going to word this review because I honestly do not want to give away anything to this book because most of the book is amazing and worth the read. I will forever respect this author and what she has done with her writing and I will love her characters forever, but I am hurt. I took a shower after this book and just cried for hours. I do not mean any disrespect to the author at all, but I needed a different ending than the one she gave me. In my head I know why she ended it the way she did but I also don’t understand.

Please know that I love almost every part of this book and just wrapped myself into these characters, but I am a very emotional reader and this one (even after a week) still has me pretty messed up. Which I guess is exactly what the author wanted but also hurt my trust because I am still pretty messed up. Have you ever watched a movie and thought “maybe this is just a flash of something they thought was going to happen, and the scene will change back.” Even up until the last line I still hoped for a different outcome, but nothing changed.



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