Safe with Me, Baby by Fiona Davenport



Guy Rule: No sleeping with your employee.

It only took one night for Xander Gray to know he’d found the woman he wanted to call his own. When she shows up in his office the next morning, after a night of endless passion, it complicates things. But, Xander is even more determined to have her.

Calista Lewis has always lived for the job, but she’s ready to take a different path in life. Working for Gray Security seems like the perfect answer, especially after she meets a man who makes her realize she wants more— with him. Finding out he’s her new boss is devastating, but she knows mixing business with pleasure is a bad idea.

Xander’s refusal to let her go makes it hard to walk away, especially after they discover she might be pregnant with his baby.


Amy W’s Review

The duo of Fiona Davenport does a fantastic job of continuing the Yeah, Baby series with this latest installment.

Calista just moved to Georgia after retiring from the CIA. She is bada$$ and she does not take any guff from anyone.

Xander runs a security firm. That just so happens to be where Calista is set to interview for a job.

Unaware of who each other are they meet up in a bar and have an instant connection. She thinks it was great and can see them building something and he knows it is more than a one night stand, MUCH MORE.

Let’s just say that when the two meet for Calista’s interview things don’t look so good.

It was fun to read these two guarded characters find the one and try to figure out the kinks in their relationship. How can she feel so deeply for someone she just met? How can she continue carrying on with her boss? How can Xander convince her to stay and do it forever?

Xander was firm in his pursuit and you could not help but root for him to get everything he want. Calista was so hard core you wanted to see her soften up to Xander’s way of thinking.

There is a good amount of drama to go with the sexy and having Xander have to watch Calista on the arm of another man was HILARIOUS.

I love these insta love novellas because the payoff is fast and HOT not to mention the story is complete and there are not cliffhangers. The whole Yeah, Baby series gives new meaning to the tougher they are the harder they fall. And fall they do, indeed.

I recommend this book the hopeless romantic and those who enjoy a sweet yet hot and sexy read. I l look forward to the next installment.




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