*Review* Play With Me, Baby (Yeah, Baby #7) by Fiona Davenport



Guy Rule: It’s only stalking if you get caught.

Rhys Campbell doesn’t believe in love at first sight, until he sees Macy Holland in a coffee shop and finds himself stalking her across town… to a sex toy shop.

Macy isn’t sure what to think about Rhys, except that he’s sexy as sin in his custom suits and even hotter out of them with all his tatted up muscles. The sassy virgin finds herself quickly falling into his bed, but little does she know he’s playing for keeps.


Amy W’s Review

Short on words but not short on story.
The Insta love between Macy and Rhys was tangible and very hot. The character were not one dimensional but they felt deeply and I could feel the depth of their emotions. I loved that although Rhys was a caveman deep down he was willing to reign it in a bit so that he didn’t overwhelm poor virginal Macy. I liked the independence Macy showed but the acceptance that she was were she wanted to be with Rhys.
Highly recommend for those who like the fast but deep Insta love stories.



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