*REVIEW: Tempt by Remy Blake




They say age is nothing but a number.

Lucas Rockwell isn’t just ten years younger than me, he’s my deceased husband’s son.

Tainted by secrets, everything about us is wrong and forbidden.

Like fire and gasoline, we’re an explosion waiting to happen.

We’re tempting fate with every touch.



This book was such a great idea and what a way to debut themselves as a duo, Remy Blake! I have read some of the male part of the duo and I love his work so I was pretty excited to see his work with another author. To see how amazing they fit together when reading just blew my mind. You can tell the fed off each other when writing this book because it’s just back and forth with give, give and more give!

I was extremely hot and bothered while reading this book….just a word of advice…don’t read at work because it’s a little embarrassing trying to read and avoid eye contact with your co-workers because you just know they will know. I started this book as soon as it was published and my long day yesterday had me going to sleep before I could finish but HOLY COW is it a finish!

Charlie or Charlotte is a widow and who knew something as tragic as death could bring two people together in such a way some aren’t sure should happen. Reading about Charlie and how she felt during everything was a different type of read for me, but because I have never read a book like this I was unsure of it myself. Lucas just lost his dad and he really wasn’t sure how to feel himself about the situation. But when you feel a connection with someone on a different level, especially when you feel like it’s forbidden, it’s incredibly HOT!  I loved how this story came together and opened my eyes to a different type of book that could be taken as wrong, but is turned into something sexy, hot and arousing.

At the beginning I was unsure about how much detail was being described at first but after that initial issue everything completely flowed together. There are some twists I didn’t expect to read about and it made for quite the entertaining read. I hope this duo continues to write together because I am loving what they come up with!

Congrats on a sexy 4.5 star read as your debut book!


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