*Review* Friction by Emily Snow




Former overachiever Lucy Williams sucks at adulting.

Recent divorce, check.

Pending lawsuit, check.

A move back to Boston to live with her mother, triple check.

It can’t get much worse, right?

When she starts her new marketing job at EXtreme Effects, she’s positive shit’s stopped hitting the fan. Sure, what she’s advertising is a little … unorthodox, but it pays the bills. And since she’s seconds away from becoming Lucy Williams: Wednesday Night Bingo Enthusiast, she needs money to get the hell out of her mother’s house.

The only problem is her boss, Mr. Extreme himself: Jace Exley. He’s everything any sane woman dreams of—alpha, successful, ridiculously gorgeous. He’s also Lucy’s worst nightmare. Because like every overachiever, she has that underachiever she brushed off. The slacker who, once upon a time ago, was the object of her dirtiest schoolgirl fantasies.

Jace Exley—with his sarcastic smirk and delicious accent—just happens to be that guy.

And the friction between them?

Well, that’s the only adulting Lucy seems to be winning at

Amy W’s Honest Review:

Let me start of by saying I am a fan of Emily Snow’s work. I went in with high hopes and I am not happy to say I was more than slightly disappointed. The story had potential and was just enjoyable to hold my attention.

Jace Exley was hot I will give your that but I was not impressed with Lucy in the slightest. Jace was kind of a walking cliche and I was not satisfied with his demeanor or his “dirty” talk. He was crude and rude and was so back and forth I felt like I was watching a ping pong match. He wanted her, tortured himself with his not having her, sent her super mixed signals, is he a dom or isn’t he? If he is so kinky, where was the kink? The author just did not give is a very clear picture of who Jace was.

Lucy, now she was crystal clear and I found her not all that charming. She was an overachiever and Know It all but she did not grow as a character as I feel she should have. I did sympathize with her after her ex screwed over. I could not however understand why he bothered to try to get her back.

There was a door opened to maybe a sequel but I doubt I will bother. I am really bummed. I wanted to have the feels everyone else did but the story fell flat and the characters were as deep as a puddle.

I recommend if you want slightly a confusing and a cliché bad boy and a upright Know It all who has not got a lot going for her in the personality department.



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