REVIEW: My Sister’s Husband by Cara Chance




Insta-love, hot sex, Bad Boy, HEA

Dante Garcia is sexy, hot, and totally lickable.
His dark hair, sexy body and gorgeous eyes make it impossible to stay away from him.
But, I have to.
I can’t even think about him.
Not even late at night when I’m alone.
Because he’s married to my sister, and this family get-together just became a nightmare for me.
How am I supposed to even be in the same room with him?
For me, this summer trip is going to suck, much like I wish Dante would suck on me.
Shit, I mean fuck my life.


When you are reading a Cara Chance book you just need to wait for the wow factor! This is my third Cara Chance book and each time she has taken me by surprise! Dante is the man she’s not suppose to want but it was desire at first sight. Lola was pressured into coming for a visit because her sister got married..again and Lola’s mom wants everyone to spend some quality time getting to know this new man. With a hot accent and a lickable body how will Lola keep away from her new brother-in-law?

Just by reading the title you think to yourself it’s going to be a little shady and you might not be so sure about reading this one, but you would be missing out. She picks the most amazing titles that have me doubt my pick at first but once you finish you will definitely one-click the rest of her books.

Take a chance (no pun intended) on this new indie author who will leave you with not only an aroused state of mind but also a great story with an unexpected ending!

4.5 Heated Stars!15780839_932516613549444_1251189662699787373_n

Review by Amy M.

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