Putting the JOY back in reading!

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We both originally started off on another blog but found being assigned books to read became to constricting and tedious, taking the JOY out of reading. We love reviewing, promoting and sharing but want to do so on our own terms. So we decided to branch out. So here we are.

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Heaven and Hell by Kristen Ashley



This is a standalone that stole my heart. It reinforced my love of Kristen Ashley.

This is a story of an abused woman that has been through hell and when she finally gets a taste of heaven can’t figure what to do with it.

In pure KA style Sam Cooper is an alpha that sees a beautiful Kia Clementine in a Italian restaurant. He is captivated. Kia knows who THE Sampson Cooper is, he is rich, famous and totally out of her league. One meddling waiter later, they are having breakfast and begin a whirlwind romance. He is her little taste of heaven. After her life with dead husband which was hell she is kinda not sure to do with the likes of Sampson Cooper.

Sam Cooper is sweet caring and amazing. He gives Kia everything but he also gives her nothing. He is guarded while demanding she be open.

I could not get enough of Sam and Kia. They were sexy and sweet. The story was fast moving and very well told. In my opinion it one of KA’s best books and she as usual gave us a glimpse of a few of my other fav KA bad boys.

I could gush on and on because I loved this book but I will say just buy it. Go. You will not regret it.